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Power-Performance Decoder


Key facts about Power-Performance Decoder

* Accuracy - Analyses show the same divergence as using lab devices. For VO2max, this means better than 2.5%.

* VLamax - Determine the glycolytic performance without a lab.

* 360-degree physiological assessment - Athletes get a complete profile without visiting a lab.

* Test Remotely - For the first time ever, coaches don’t have to be with their athletes for performance testing.

* Complete substitute for lab and field tests. The best part? PPD is as accurate as INSCYD lactate tests.

* Virtual Laboratory - Run data anywhere/anytime. Using INSCYD, you have complete control of the process.

A Revolution of Performance Diagnostics


When it comes to performance parameters, field tests (until now) have been of very limited use. Labs tests were needed to capture VO2max, VLamax, and possibly fat and carb combustion. Lab testing is expensive and imperfect. Field testing is restricted to determining the respective athlete’s FTP or threshold. Analysis of your athletes' has now changed. Get the best of  both lab and field testing with Power-Performance Decoder (PPD).


PPD allows coaches to test athletes remotely - inside or outside.


Athletes test on their time, as part of their typical training schedule. The athlete follows a test protocol, which is easy to execute – performed indoor on a trainer, or outside, on roads they know. Data is sent back to the coach, and evaluation takes minutes within INSCYD. After the coach performs the analysis, a meeting is scheduled with the athlete to review the test results.

The first software to combine field and lab data

PPD changes the game! PPD is the first and only tool on the market to combine lab and field data. Eliminate the need to send athletes to a lab for limited data, and the struggle correlating it back to the real world. Stop relying on power duration curves and other estimates based on FTP.

By merging field and lab data, INSCYD's PPD enables coaches to see how all data works together and why human performance needs to be looked at as one unit - not individual tests and data points. See how it works, below...

Thoroughly tested by pro teams and coaches

Validated by over 150 studies, INSCYD’s PPD is used by world championship cyclists and triathletes around the world. In the past few months, PPD has been used and thoroughly tested by Team CCC, SEG Racing as well as many WorldTour coaches and coaching businesses. During this time, PPD has been evaluated in direct comparison to lactate and lab testing. This evaluation has proven and ensured top-level accuracy of PPD compared to lactate and gas exchange testing.

PPD provides the following data:

·    VO2max
·     VLamax
·     Lactate production and combustion
·     Fat/Carb combustion
·     Threshold

This data profile allows coaches to measure and quantify the respective athlete’s unique characteristics and create a customized training plan to improve race performances and help athletes reach their potential.














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