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High Performance Coaching

1. Evaluation Consultation

  • Evaluations can be done in person, by video or phone call. During your consultation, we'll do an in-depth review and discussion of your training and racing history so we can identify any weaknesses and strengths you currently have. This will ensure your goals and needs are at the forefront of every training session .


2. Testing ( ​1  Diagnostic Test $200 value)

  • Testing to be performed at different sites and events  throughout the year.


3. Custom Training Plan

  • We make sure a concise training plan is built with your current fitness level and time availability . The key  is to implement a training plan that will progress according to your ability.

4. Weekly Consultation (or as needed)

  • Having access to a coach is one of the most valuable components of an athletes training plan. It can be used to answer questions, review training data files, discuss upcoming or recently completed events or races, and to help further personalize the schedule to your individual needs.

HP Coaching  Plan (12 months)





HP Coaching Plan (12 months)



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