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Founded by Carlos Moleda and Dr. Ralf Lindschulten. NEXUS E. combines science, innovation, experience and specialized endurance training to suit each athlete’s individual needs. The outdated one-size-fits-all approach to sports performance no longer applies. Nexus “Science Based” approach, provides a wealth of information such as your Vo2 max, Aerobic Threshold, Aerobic Capacity and much more.


Simply put, “Blood doesn’t lie”.


We acknowledge that there are other factors involved in the process of an athlete’s life, other than just going out and pounding the miles on the road and calling it training. Equipment, Health, Nutrition, Wellbeing, Family and support system are all factors that play a huge role in the outcome of a plan.


At Nexus, we feel that if we actively engage all of these factors, it increases the athlete’s chances of success.

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