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"When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates."  Karl Pearson, Mathematical Statistician.

Dr. Ralf Lindschulten

"Head Coach"

  • Doctor of Sports Science

  • Doctoral Studies at German Sport University Cologne

  • Bachelor and Master Studies at German Sport

      University Cologne

  • Coached athletes to:

  • 9 Paralympic Medals

  • More than 20 World Championship Medals

Knowledge + Experience = Success

Carlos Moleda

"The Champion"

  • Carlos is a 5 X Hawaii IronMan Triathlon World Champion (Handcycle),

  • 4 x USA Handcycling National Champion and a

  • USA Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee.  


     More about Carlos go to:

The value of a coach. 


Your Coach can be a 

voice  of reason and experience to keep you on the right path of training.


An asset that can help you create your vision.


Help celebrate your successes and be a source of strength.


A coach can keep you accountable.

 When I thought I couldn’t reach my potential, Ralf and Carlos encouraged me to push myself to a level I thought was not possible".

Alfredo De Los Santos "Freddie".

US Paralympic Cycling Team

 In my opinion Ralf is the best handbiking coach there is". 

Vico Merklein.

German Paralympic Cycling Team

 Great coach with an unbelievable knowledge about training". If you want results, start here.

Carlos Moleda PVAR / CAF / Operation Rebound athlete

5 x IronMan Triathlon World Champion (Handcycle)

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